If you are looking for a place off the beaten tourist path, then Caleta De Campos is your destination.

It still has a small town charm with friendly locals and many world class waves in the area.

Caleta De Campos is a true small Mexican pueblo on the Coast of Michoacan. 

It’s perfectly located in the center of Mainland Mexico’s top surf breaks.
Caleta translates to “Bay” in English.

The bay of Caleta De Campos is perfect for bay swimming, fishing, diving, or just to relax, there are many local seafood restaurants on the sand where you can have a meal or put back a few beers! And it often gets a fun right-hander breaking off the jetty that’s protected from the onshore winds.

Just walking distance from Playa Caleta De Campos is the main plaza in town.

In this small pueblo, there are many local restaurants, Grocery Stores, Internet Café, and much more.

A great place to experience true Mexican culture.

If you want to venture out for the day, there are other destinations worth seeing near by. Besides the world class surfing beach of Rio Nexpa, which is just 8 minutes away. There are other beaches like Pichilinguillo,
Playa Soledad, Huahua
and many more pristine beaches to discover and explore! Also there are water falls and hot springs.


The closest big town to Caleta De Campos is Lazaro Cardenas which is about a 1 hour drive. Lazaro Cardenas now has a Walmart and a Sam’s Club. There is also a National Airport in Lazaro Cardenas.

The closest International Airport from Caleta De Campos is Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo which is  2:45 hours away by car.


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