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Welcome to Nexpa Surf Camp


If you are looking for a very unique and personalized surfing holiday on Mainland Mexico, then Nexpa Surf Camp is the place for you.

We really don’t like to use the term “Surf Camp” as we consider ourselves to be more of a Boutique Style Surfing experience catering to intermediate and above level surfers that want to stay in luxury accommodation at an affordable price.

We offer the complete waterman package including surfing, fishing, tow-in surfing, and spearfishing.  

Nexpa Surf Camp is NOT your typical Mexico surf camp that packs in lots of surfers and crowds the surf breaks.

We are actually the opposite of this, which is why we keep it to a maximum of 4 surfers at any given time at our surf camp. 

Our focus is on making your Mexico surfing holiday a personalized adventure of a lifetime, safe and hassle free. Hope to see you soon

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Nexpa Surf Camp – experience of outstanding service and hospitality

Contact Us

From USA or Canada
Cell:  011-52-1-753-139-3917  
Calling From Within Mexico 
Cell: 753-139-3917